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"If you really think about it, everything in this world tries to be music." -- Eugene Hutz

Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye to Another Year - The Urban Voodoo Machine

They actually released this song and video a couple weeks ago but I wanted to save my sharing of it for New Year's Eve. And guess what! It's New Year's Eve! (Confession: I actually hate New Year's Eve/Day.) This is, like everything else The Urban Voodoo Machine does, a party in a song. And the topper is Lady Ane playing the sousaphone. How can you not love a sexy lady blowing a giant horn like that?

Goodbye to Another Year by The Urban Voodoo Machine from the 2011 (I think the release date is in March) album "In Black & Red"

The Urban Voodoo Machine website (Come play on the forums! It's a great way to stay up on what's going down and to meet other fans ... and even members of the band.)

The Urban Voodoo Machine MySpage page

The Urban Voodoo Machine Facebook page

Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Favorite Time of Year - The Florin Street Band

It's been awhile again. Sorry for that. The holidays are keeping me pretty busy this year.

Speaking of holidays ... I LOVE CHRISTMAS! I do. The whole season of Christmas from Thanksgiving through the Solstice and right on up to the Big Day of Christmas itself. It really is my favorite time of year. And I love a good cheesy song. It's sort of my guilty pleasure. So I was quite happy this morning when I came across this song. It just makes me ... happy. Plain & simple. (And did you notice the tuba? How can you not love a tuba?)

You should really check out the website for the story behind this song. I'd try to nutshell it here, but really wouldn't do it justice. Just click the link below and read it for yourself.

My Favorite Time of Year by The Florin Street Band

The Florin Street Band website

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

So So Fresh - Nico Vega

Oh, sadness! Nico Vega is coming to my town again this weekend ... and I can't go ... again. *cry* Between my own rehearsals and family obligations it's just not happening. The one time I did have the opportunity, Aja ended up with vocal injury and had to cancel the part of the tour that included my city. Luckily for the world her voice is all back to mesmerizing, thank The Powers That Be.

While I pout, here's another fabulous acoustic performance:

So So Fresh by Nico Vega from the 2009 self-titled album "Nico Vega"

Nico Vega on MySpace

Nico Vega on Twitter

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

God's Away on Business - Tom Waits

I've been becoming more and more frustrated with the state of affairs lately. It's been bad for a long time - the lies, the deceit, the betrayals - but the last couple years it seems to me to be getting worse. Our power-hungry leaders are taking away more of our freedoms, driving us further into debt, creating deeper divisions between us, while the voting populace stands by, shaking their heads with a sense of defeated apathy. And it's not just here in my own American backyard. I've been watching the whole world jumping into that nasty little hand-basket to hell. Perhaps Mr. Waits is right. Perhaps God really is away on business. Leave a message at the beep. Beep.

God's Away on Business by Tom Waits from 2002 album "Blood Money"

Tom Waits website

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

More Human Than Human - White Zombie

This song brings back some happy memories. I'm not going to share them with you, 'though. But they are VERY happy memories. I think my husband would agree. 'Nuff said.

Based in New York City, White Zombie was founded in 1985 by Rob Cummings, better known as Rob Zombie. The band turned out 4 studio albums, 5 EPs, 1 live album and an album of remixes and won 4 Grammy awards before disbanding in 1998.

More Human Than Human by White Zombie from the 1995 album "Astro-Creep: 2000 - Songs of Love, Destruction and Other Synthetic Delusions of the Electric Head"

Rob Zombie website

Rob Zombie on Twitter

Friday, November 12, 2010

Amari Szi Amari - Juana Ghani

Our mandolin player got married last week to his long time love. This is for them.

Amari Szi Amari by Juana Ghani

Juana Ghani on Bandcamp

Juana Ghani on ReverbNation

Juana Ghani on Facebook (and the Fan Page)

Juana Ghani on MySpace

Juana Ghani on AmazingTunes

Juana Ghani on Twitter

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Le Pistolet - Mama Rosin

Bottom line: This is just plain hot. It's one of those songs that dances its way into your consciousness and makes itself at home. And with such an infectious group as this zydeco trio from Switzerland, that's not a bad thing at all.

Le Pistolet by Mama Rosin from the 2009 album "Brule Lentement"

Mama Rosin on MySpace

Mama Rosin on Facebook

Mama Rosin on

Monday, November 8, 2010

Iyansa - Faun

We've had wind, rain and snow today ... and it's not even time for lunch, yet. Perfect day, if you ask me, for a song invoking the Afro-Brazilian goddess of wind.

Formed in 2002, German pagan folk band Faun is known for playing old instruments and singing in German, Latin and Scandinavian languages.

by Faun from the 2005 album "Renaissance"

Faun website

Faun on MySpace

Faun on Facebook

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

This Is My Life - Firewater

Just try to listen to this and not dance! The infectious rhythms of this song (the whole album, for that matter) drive right out of your seat and set your whole body moving. Tod A is brilliant! Lyrically, musically, rhythmically, energetically brilliant.

This Is My Life by Firewater from the 2008 album "The Golden Hour" (one of my all-time favs!)

Firewater on MySpace

Firewater artist page on Bloodshot Records

Monday, November 1, 2010

Леприконсы - Девчонки Полюбили не Меня

OK, so I don't know what they're saying, but I don't really care, either. This is a fun song! It definitely got my blood pumping this morning. I love finding music from countries I've never visited sung in languages I don't understand that still moves some part of me. To me, it's just more proof that music IS the universal language. If it strikes a chord in you or elicits an emotion, pleasant or un-, or just plain ol' makes you want to get up and dance, it has done its job.

I did a little online translating and found the name of this band is Leprikonsy. I even managed to find their website (which I also used the online translator to read) and found out these guys are from Belarus and have been playing together for about 14 years.

Девчонки Полюбили не Меня (Girls do not love me) by Леприконсы (Leprikonsy) from the 2010 album "ДЕСЯТИЛЕТКА"("Ten Year")

Leprikonsy website (unless you read Russian, you'll need a translator for this)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Stick of Wax - Aja Volkman

This is a solo thing from Aja, the singer for the L.A. band Nico Vega. I absolutely love her voice. It gives me such happy goosebumps. It seems that she has another side project going on now, too, with Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragon called Egyptian. Check 'em out - it's quite the departure from Nico Vega, but her voice is still beyond amazing.

Stick of Wax by Aja Volkman

Nico Vega on MySpace

Egyptian on MySpace

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Keelhauled - Alestorm

Before I go any further, I need to make it perfectly clear that I detest the keytar. I think it's a goofy instrument and the only thing I find goofier would be people who play the keytar. That said, this song makes me incredibly happy for some very strange reason. Perhaps I really have lost my mind, but ... PIRATE METAL! Harrrrrrrrr! (I need some rum now.)

I would track down some info on the band to share, but my kids are home and very distracting. (Did I mention the need for some rum now?)

Keelhauled by Alestorm from the 2009 album "Black Sails at Midnight"

Alestorm website

Alestorm on MySpace

Alestorm on Facebook

Monday, October 25, 2010

Stick With Me - J.P. Whipple

J.P. Whipple is a local boy - well, local-ish to me - and while I've never met him nor have I seen him play (YET), he fits into my 6 degrees of separation. The man playing drums on this album, Jason Giron, is a friend and played drums for a production of The Rocky Horror Show I was involved with a few years ago. And just last week, the mandolin player in my current project, Tony Semerad, played with Filthy McWhiskey who plays a slew of strange and wonderful instruments on this album (and is seen playing banjo in this vid). Did you follow all that? Anyway, it's very cool music. I like it bunches!

Stick With Me by J.P. Whipple from the 2009 album "Bible Milk"

J.P. Whipple website

J.P. Whipple on MySpace

J.P. Whipple on Facebook

Friday, October 22, 2010

Tam Lin - Mediaeval Baebes

Now here's a beautiful, spooky tale. The ethereal voices of the Mediaeval Baebes and the simple,understated arrangement of the orchestration lead the imagination into the world of the fae. I love listening to this on dark and gloomy nights when the lights are low.

Tam Lin by Mediaeval Baebes from the 2005 album "Mirabilis"

Mediaeval Baebes website

Mediaeval Baebes on MySpace

Mediaeval Baebes on Facebook

Mediaeval Baebes on Twitter

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Masochism Tango - Tom Lehrer

Musician, comedian ... mathematician. Yes, indeedy.

I'm not sure why this song decided to bop around in my head today, but I'm enjoying it nonetheless. Cracks me up every time. The first time I remember hearing this song was actually at an audition for a musical play when I was a junior in high school. I thought it was brilliant then, I think it's fabulous now!

Masochism Tango by Tom Lehrer from the 1959 album "More of Tom Lehrer"

Tom Lehrer YouTube channel (Go kill some time there. It's worth it.)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kings of Vibration - Diego's Umbrella

A new band! Well, to me, anyway. They've actually been around a few years. Giving credit where credit is due, Steve, the bass player for The Penny Black Remedy, turned me on to this band. So much fun, this one!

Based in San Francisco, California, and named for their friend's arm tattoo, Diego's Umbrella first came to be in 2000. Founded by Vaughn Lindstrom and Tyson Maulhardt, they debuted their first album in 2001. With the addition of Benjamin Leon, Kevin Blair, Jason Kleinberg and Jake Wood, Diego's Umbrella is now a 6-piece monster of flamenco infused gyspy rock.

Kings of Vibration by Diego's Umbrella from the 2009 album "Double Panther"

Diego's Umbrella website

Diego's Umbrella on MySpace

Diego's Umbrella on Facebook

Diego's Umbrella on Twitter

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Meine Kleine Russin - Reverend Beat-Man

Continuing the spooky theme from yesterday, THIS is spooky. I love this guy's scary rough voice and the images he creates with it, even though I don't know a word he's singing in this song.

Reverend Beat-Man is a Swiss one man band. Performing with just a guitar, kick drum, a single hi-hat and a microphone, he spins tales of death, life, killing, lost love, and finding the light.

Meine Kleine Russin by Reverend Beat-Man from the 2008 DVD "Surreal Folk Blues Gospel Trash, vol. 3"

Reverend Beat-Man Voodoo Rhythm page

Reverend Beat-Man on MySpace

Reverend Beat-Man on Facebook

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Ghost Who Walks - Karen Elson

Must be getting close to Hallowe'en. I'm in the mood something spooky today. This is spooky. Boo! (Love the dark country-ness of this!)

Model, singer and wife to White Stripes' Jack White, Karen Elson has just released her debut album, "The Ghost Who Walks" on Third Man Records label.

The Ghost Who Walks by Karen Elson from the 2010 album "The Ghost Who Walks"

Karen Elson website

Karen Elson MySpace

Monday, October 11, 2010

Immigraniada (We Comin' Rougher) - Gogol Bordello

It's no secret how much I love Gogol Bordello. The first time I heard them I was floored. They still floor me.

I'm including a few different versions of this song here: a live version (they are beyond amazing live), a stripped down acoustic version, and the official video. Enjoy! Mishto!

Immigraniada (We Comin' Rougher) by Gogol Bordello from the 2010 album "Trans-Continental Hustle"

Live in Later with Jools Holland

Stripped down & acoustic

The official (and fabulous!) video

Gogol Bordello website

Gogol Bordello on MySpace

Gogol Bordello on Twitter

Gogol Bordello on Facebook

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Play Your Ax (Hey, Julz-A) - Squeeze Rock

New York's Squeeze Rock is Julian “Julz-A” Hintz. He is "An Accordion Alternative." And I am happy I found him.

Play Your Ax (Hey, Julz-A)
by Squeeze Rock from the EP "Squeeze Right"

Squeeze Rock website

Squeeze Rock on MySpace

Squeeze Rock (Julian Hintz) on Facebook

Squeeze Rock on Twitter

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mabon - Omnia (revisited)

Sorry to resort to going back to last year. I've been cooking all day long getting ready for our traditional family feast so I haven't had a real opportunity today to go find something new. But I do love this song and it is so perfect for today. So ... click HERE and enjoy!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

September Song - Willie Nelson

We're halfway through the month and closing in on the end of summer and the autumnal equinox. I love this time of year as the leaves start hinting at changing color, the nights are cooler, and the gardens that were planted in spring are ready for harvest.

September Song, composed by Kurt Weill with lyrics by Maxwell Anderson, made its first appearance in the 1938 Broadway musical "Knickerbocker Holiday." The show closed after only 6 months, but the song has gone on to become a jazz/pop standard and has been performed and recorded by many artists including Django Reinhart, Sarah Vaughan, and Lou Reed.

September Song by Willie Nelson from the 1978 album "Stardust"

Willie Nelson website

Willie Nelson on Facebook

Willie Nelson on MySpace

Willie Nelson on Twitter

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Great talent for a great cause

This weekend, an amazing line-up of incredibly talented musicians will be streaming LIVE to raise money for the Multiple Sclerosis Society. Details here:

I do hope you'll check it out and give from your heart as well as your wallet.

Here's a yummy little taste of one of the featured performers.

Eleven by Matt Stevens from his 2010 album "Ghost"

Matt Stevens website

Matt Stevens on Twitter

Matt Stevens on BandCamp

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I Won't Argue When I'm Dead - The Penny Black Remedy

Best. Earworm. Ever! Seriously. This is the funniest - and funnest - thing I've heard in quite awhile. And it is so very much the way I tend ramble on while thinking aloud about conventionally morbid topics.

Part of London's "gypsy punk" scene, The Penny Black Remedy is an irreverent foursome consisting of Scottish singer/songwriter/guitarist Keith M Thomson, Croatian classically trained vocalist Marijana Hajdarhodzic, Dutch percussionist Wilco van Eijk and English bassist Steve Nelson. A dark humor pervades their songs along with catchy melodies that get in your head and prompt you to sing along loudly and with abandon. You just can't help it.

I Won't Argue When I'm Dead by The Penny Black Remedy from their 2009 debut album "No One's Fault But Your Own"

<a href="">I Won't Argue When I'm Dead by The Penny Black Remedy</a>

The Penny Black Remedy website

The Penny Black Remedy on facebook

The Penny Black Remedy on MySpace

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


It's no secret how much I adore Tom Waits. Yesterday, whilst mindlessly traipsing through new-to-me music, I came across this cover of "Alice" by HUMANWINE and it's been teasing my brain every since.

HUMANWINE (an acronym for "Humans Underground Making Anagrams Nightly While Imperial Not-Mes Enslave") is a dark cabaret band cofounded by husband and wife, Mat (M@) McNiss and Holly Brewer, in 2002.

Alice by HUMANWINE - Sadly, this doesn't seem to appear on any of their albums.



HUMANWINE on Twitter

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Drunkard's Dream - Circus Contraption

How is that I have never heard of these people until now?!? The shame! This is a delightfully raucous group of performers, a little reminiscent of The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo. Founded in 1998 and based in Seattle, Washington, Circus Contraption combines dark cabaret, old world circus and vaudeville for a thoroughly entertaining experience. It's too bad they disbanded last year.

Drunkard's Dream by Circus Contraption from the 2002 album "Grand American Traveling Dime Museum"

Circus Contraption website

Circus Contraption on MySpace

Friday, September 3, 2010

Niiv - Omnia

I've been listening to this song for last two days almost non-stop. This is one of those songs that I just can't get enough of. There is an emotional build to this song that is so subtle, yet so powerful that it almost makes my chest burst. Once again, the Dutch band Omnia blows me away.

Niiv by Omnia from the 2009 album "World of Omnia"

Omnia website

Omnia on MySpace

Omnia on Facebook

Omnia on Twitter

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Knees Up, Mother Brown - Raffi

Yeah. It's silly. But it's stuck in there, just the same. I blame my mother. She's having another knee replacement surgery today and the anesthesia tends to knock her wonky. So, yeah ... this is for her.

Raffi was born in Cairo, Egypt in 1948 to Armenian parents. He moved with his family to Canada when he was 10 years old. He was initially uncomfortable with the idea of performing for children, but has since become one of the world's best know children's entertainers.

Knees Up, Mother Brown by Raffi from the 1996 album release "Raffi in Concert with the Rise & Shine Band"

Raffi website

Raffi on MySpace

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Scarborough Fair - The Imagined Village

Are you ready for some goosebumps? This one'll do it to ya. We all know this traditional ballad - and many different arrangements of it. This is such a beautiful arrangement and Chris Wood's vocalization of this classic is heart-wrenching.

Scarborough Fair by The Imagined Village from the 2010 album "Empire & Love"

The Imagined Village official website

The Imagined Village on MySpace

The Imagined Village on Facebook

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ponders End - The Great Malarkey

Another great project out of the U.K.! Alex (guitar/vox) and G.C. (bass) have their hands dirty from playing with The Urban Voodoo Machine (whom I adore so much), and that energy and sense of malicious fun carry through here with The Great Malarkey. Besides, how can you possibly go wrong with a kickass band that includes accordion, fiddle and a banjo? A banjo! Man, I love this band!

Ponders End by The Great Malarkey from their 2010 demo debut

The Great Malarkey website

The Great Malarkey on Facebook

The Great Malarkey on MySpace

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Kasojeni Bay - Juana Ghani

Our newest song, Kasojeni Bay! This was a lot of fun to do. My friend, Jeremy Young, helped out with the Slovene translation and pronunciation as well as lending his voice to the music. So much fun! It will be available for FREE download at for a limited time.

Kasojeni Bay by Juana Ghani, to be included on our debut album due out later this fall. Yay!

<a href="">Kasojeni Bay by Juana Ghani</a>

Juana Ghani MySpace page

Juana Ghani Facebook page

Juana Ghani Facebook fanpage

Juana Ghani on ReverbNation

Juana Ghani on Bandcamp

Juana Ghani on AmazingTunes

Friday, July 16, 2010

Fogsnarl Guardian - No Blood to Spare

Lucky me! I was invited to sing with No Blood to Spare at the Utah Arts Festival again. This was my third year with them and it was a blast! This year, the beautiful and sweet Naia joined me on vocals.

Fogsnarl Guardian by No Blood to Spare, performed live at the 2010 Utah Arts Festival

No Blood to Spare on Facebook

No Blood to Spare on MySpace

Other videos from this NBTS performance:
Luminous Starbursts
Graceful Vagabond
The Boozing Monk
French Corniche
Shalamar the Cat
Shiva's Dancing

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tom Traubert's Blues - Tom Waits

It's been awhile since I included any Tom Waits here. I'm surprised at myself, really. This song brings me tears every single time. Absolutely beautiful. See? I'm crying already.

Tom Traubert's Blues by Tom Waits from the 1976 album "Small Change"

Tom Waits website

Tom Waits MySpace page

Tom Waits Facebook page

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Painted Queens - Lindsay Heath

Once again Lindsay Heath has taken my breath away. A multi-instrumentalist (and I do mean MULTI), she is an amazingly poetic songwriter with a beautiful and haunting voice. Her CD "Orchestra" is fast becoming a favorite of mine with the songs making frequent appearances on my ipod. (Did I mention she's one of the nicest people I've ever met, too?)

Painted Queens by Lindsay Heath from the 2010 album "Orchestra"

Lindsay Heath on MySpace

Lindsay Heath on Facebook

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sun Is on My Side - Gogol Bordello

From the moment I first heard this song, it has stuck in my head. Every note, every word, every breath of it.

My husband gave me tickets to see Gogol Bordello in August with Primus. I am SO excited!

Sun Is on My Side by Gogol Bordello from the 2010 album "Trans-Continental Hustle"

Gogol Bordello website

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I'll Be Seeing You - Mario Lanza

My grandmother is dying. She is 92. I got the call last night that her body is winding down and it won't be long now until she passes.

I grew up in a military family. So many times my dad would be stationed aboard a ship somewhere and we'd stay with my grandparents for months at a time until he once again had shore duty and we could be together. Grandma's house was home. We'd drink hot Red Zinger tea on cold afternoons, play in the vegetable garden on hot summer days, swing on the giant swing-set my grandpa made for us from lodge pole pines (they looked like telephone poles), and bake cookies and pastries wearing Grandma's frilly aprons. She taught me to schottish and fox trot in her living room. And she let me listen to all her old records in the basement. That's how I found Mario Lanza. Such a voice!

Grandma, I going to miss you when you move on. I love you.

I'll Be Seeing You by Mario Lanza from

Mario Lanza Institute page

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Time - Kroke

Time has a very slow warped feeling for me today. Like swimming through thick molasses. My brain isn't entirely engaged in reality. This pain, too, shall pass.

Kroke is a Polish klezmer band formed in 1992 in Kraków by Jerzy Bawoł, Tomasz Lato and Tomasz Kukurba. Since their formation, they have released 8 albums.

Time by Kroke from the 1999 album "The Sounds Of The Vanishing World"

Kroke website

Kroke MySpace page

Friday, April 16, 2010

The Incredible Sadness of Sonia - Juana Ghani

The latest from Juana Ghani! Beautiful & sad.

The Incredible Sadness of Sonia by Juana Ghani

<a href="">The Incredible Sadness of Sonia by Juana Ghani</a>

Juana Ghani on MySpace

Juana Ghani on Facebook

Juana Ghani fanpage on Facebook

Juana Ghani on Bandcamp

Juana Ghani on ReverbNation

Juana Ghani on

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Living Hell - The Tiger Lillies

Formed in 1989, the three-piece band The Tiger Lillies is a darkly wonderful "death oompah" cabaret band based in London.

Living Hell by The Tiger Lillies from their upcoming album "Rime of the Ancient Mariner"

The Tiger Lillies- Living Hell from Mark Holthusen on Vimeo.

The Tiger Lillies website

The Tiger Lillies MySpace page

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bedlam Sticks - Diablo Swing Orchestra

Here's another from one of my favorite bands ever! Sweden's Diablo Swing Orchestra combines elements of death metal, swing jazz, opera, and uber-yumminess laden creativity. Their newest album, "Sing-Along Songs for the Damned and Delirious" is one of my all-time favorites and one of those rare albums on which every song is a winner. And this song, in particular, rocks my socks.

Bedlam Sticks by Diablo Swing Orchestra from the 2009 album "Sing-Along Songs for the Damned and Delirious"

Diablo Swing Orchestra official website

Diablo Swing Orchestra MySpace page

Diablo Swing Orchestra Facebook page

Diablo Swing Orchestra Twitter

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bublitschki - Gogol Bordello

I woke up early this morning with this song in my head. My husband and I bought this DVD a few months ago (BEAUTIFUL movie - everybody should see it - really) and have absolutely fallen in love, not only with the movie, but with the soundtrack as well (as is evidenced by its permanent rotation position on my ipod).

Bublitschki by Gogol Bordello from the soundtrack of the 2005 movie Everything is Illuminated

Gogol Bordello web page

Gogol Bordello MySpace page

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hello Bluebird - Janet Klein and Her Parlor Boys

I'm still stuck on the sofa recuperating from last month's surgery, but that's not stopping the feeling of Spring in the air from enveloping me today. You just can't escape that kind of giddy.

Hello Bluebird by Janet Klein and Her Parlor Boys from the 2006 album "Oh!"

Janet Klein and Her Parlor Boys website

Janet Klein and Her Parlor Boys MySpace page

Janet Klein and Her Parlor Boys Facebook page

Monday, March 1, 2010

Very Good Advice - Robert Smith

In full disclosure, I am a HUGE fan of Johnny Depp, Tim Burton, The Cure and Alice in Wonderland (and Alice Through the Looking Glass), so it should come as no surprise to anyone how absolutely giddy I am about this movie (opening in just a few days on March 5). In fact, adding in Helena Bonham Carter as The Red Queen (I used to pretend to be the Red Queen when I was little girl, running around commanding, "Off with their heads" to anybody who crossed my path) makes me even more than giddy. One might use the word, "delirious." Yay!

You can listen to the clips from the soundtrack HERE.

Very Good Advice
by Robert Smith from the soundtrack of the 2010 Disney movie "Alice in Wonderland"

Official website for Alice in Wonderland

Monday, February 22, 2010

Watch It All Burn - Juana Ghani

Here it is! Our newest song, with Camron Cressall joining us on guitar and mandolin. This one was a lot of fun ... and it's a polka! There's just something about a polka that makes ya smile and sets your toes to tapping.

Watch It All Burn - Juana Ghani

<a href="">Watch it All Burn by Juana Ghani</a>

Juana Ghani bandcamp page

Juana Ghani MySpage page

Juana Ghani Facebook fanpage

Juana Ghani on

Juana Ghani on ReverbNation

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Orphan's Lament - The Urban Voodoo Machine

I've shared stuff from this band here before. I love them! Love them love them love them! Absolutely one of my favorite bands right now. Musically and artistically fresh (and downright naughty), the guys I've had the pleasure of chatting with online are very friendly and downright fun. I look forward to the day I get to meet them face-to-face.

(at the end of this video is a teaser for their next release coming out next week - i've seen it and it's deliciously naughty)

Orphan's Lament
by The Urban Voodoo Machine from the 2009 album "Bourban Soaked Gyspy Blues Bop 'n' Stroll"

The Urban Voodoo Machine website (Come play on the forums! It's a great way to stay up on what's going down and to meet other fans ... and even members of the band.)

The Urban Voodoo Machine MySpage page

The Urban Voodoo Machine Facebook page

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Danny Sorrow - Emily Hope Price

Emily Hope Price is a friend of a friend of mine. I've never met her. In fact, I'd never heard of her until recently. Shame on me! She is Amazing (with a capital "A"). Based in New York City, she plays with the band Pearl and the Beard and also tours as a solo performer.

Danny Sorrow by Emily Hope Price

Emily Hope Price MySpace page

Emily Hope Price Facebook page

Emily Hope Price on Twitter

Friday, January 1, 2010

Days with You - Jason Webley and Sxip Shirey

I'm on day 2 of a nasty migraine so I'm not blogging a lot about this song, BUT since is New Years (blech) I wanted to make sure and share it before the pain killers kick in. I love it. It makes me smile.

Days with You by Jason Webley and Sxip Shirey

Jason Webley website

Jason Webley MySpace page

Jason Webley Facebook page

Jason Webley on Twitter

Sxip Shirey website

Sxip Shirey MySpace page

Sxip Shirey Facebook page

Sxip Shirey on Twitter