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"If you really think about it, everything in this world tries to be music." -- Eugene Hutz

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ponders End - The Great Malarkey

Another great project out of the U.K.! Alex (guitar/vox) and G.C. (bass) have their hands dirty from playing with The Urban Voodoo Machine (whom I adore so much), and that energy and sense of malicious fun carry through here with The Great Malarkey. Besides, how can you possibly go wrong with a kickass band that includes accordion, fiddle and a banjo? A banjo! Man, I love this band!

Ponders End by The Great Malarkey from their 2010 demo debut

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Kasojeni Bay - Juana Ghani

Our newest song, Kasojeni Bay! This was a lot of fun to do. My friend, Jeremy Young, helped out with the Slovene translation and pronunciation as well as lending his voice to the music. So much fun! It will be available for FREE download at for a limited time.

Kasojeni Bay by Juana Ghani, to be included on our debut album due out later this fall. Yay!

<a href="">Kasojeni Bay by Juana Ghani</a>

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Friday, July 16, 2010

Fogsnarl Guardian - No Blood to Spare

Lucky me! I was invited to sing with No Blood to Spare at the Utah Arts Festival again. This was my third year with them and it was a blast! This year, the beautiful and sweet Naia joined me on vocals.

Fogsnarl Guardian by No Blood to Spare, performed live at the 2010 Utah Arts Festival

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tom Traubert's Blues - Tom Waits

It's been awhile since I included any Tom Waits here. I'm surprised at myself, really. This song brings me tears every single time. Absolutely beautiful. See? I'm crying already.

Tom Traubert's Blues by Tom Waits from the 1976 album "Small Change"

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