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"If you really think about it, everything in this world tries to be music." -- Eugene Hutz

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wind River - Andrew Vasquez

Yes, this is actually a slide show of photos my husband and I took on a trip to Yellowstone a couple years ago. It was a peaceful and calming weekend. We listened to this album almost exclusively during our time in the park. It was the perfect soundtrack. Today's migraine begs me to return to that time of peace of calm.

Andrew Vasquez
is an award winning Native American (Apache) flute player living in Fort Washakie, Wyoming. He was first introduced to the flute while a dancer with the New York based American Indian Dance Theater.

Wind River
by Andrew Vasquez from the 1997 album "Wind River"

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Buffalo Jump - Lonely London Lad

Love at first listen? Yes, I believe it can happen. It happened to me. Again. This morning. All it took was one little listen to the first few seconds of Buffalo Jump for me to realize that this band is going to become a personal favorite. The more I listened, the more I found, the more I experienced, the more I fell in love. If David Byrne, Sparks & Public Image, Ltd. were to have an orgy, Lonely London Boy would be the love child spawned of that collective creativity and artistry.

Buffalo Jump by Lonely London Lad from the soon-to-be-released double CD "Lonely London Lad"

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Lon-dubh - Julie Fowlis

Here's another of my favorite covers. This time it's a cover of The Beatles' 1968 classic "Blackbird" sung in Scots Gaelic by the beautiful Julie Fowlis.

Lon-dubh by Julie Fowlis from the 2009 boxed set release of "Cuilidh" just released last month.

Julie Fowlis' official website

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Good Day - LUCE

Today is a happy day. It's not a special day or anything. Just one of those days that tingle with happy. Perfect day for a little pop ditty to be bopping around in the head.

San Francisco based LUCE began as a one-man band in Tom Luce's apartment bedroom in 2000. The self-titled first album was co-written and produced by Tom's friend Adam Rossi, who now plays keyboards for the band. San Francisco radio station KFOG was the first to play LUCE regularly on air and played a good part in bringing the band to the attention of certain people in Hollywood. It wasn't long before Good Day was appearing in movies (How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, and 13 Going on 30) and television (The O.C. and Alias).

Good Day by LUCE from the 2002 album "LUCE"

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Monday, May 4, 2009

Bizarre Love Triangle - Frente!

This is one of my absolute favorite covers. Frente! takes an energetic dance classic (originally released in 1986 by the UK band New Order) and softens it up, giving it an almost confessional feel.

The Australian band Frente! was formed in 1991 and only released two albums, "Marvin the Album" in 1992 (international release in 1994) and "Shape" in 1996, after which they disbanded. They reformed for a short bit in 2005 for a short tour of the Australian coast.

Bizarre Love Triangle by Frente! from the 1994 international release of "Marvin the Album"

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Friday, May 1, 2009

Tine Bealtaine - Omnia

It's May Day! Beltane. Time to celebrate the fertility of our earth and plant the seeds that will grow in our gardens - and lives - with hopes for a rich and abundant harvest later on.

(That's me in the white gown with the red leis.)

When I was a little girl, this was one of my favorite days. When I was in kindergarten, I was crowned "May Queen" in the class May Day program. When I was in 4th grade in LaMaddalena, Sardegna, we celebrated with a May Pole dance and Cat Stevens songs. I even sort of remember making May Day baskets full of flowers to leave on neighbors' doorsteps somewhere we lived, but I don't remember where right now. Maybe Florida? Wherever, whenever it was, I enjoyed doing it. Perhaps this is a tradition I should start up with my own kids. Hmmm.

From the Netherlands, Pagan folk band Omnia's music is all accoustic and many of the instruments as well as their costumes are handmade by the band themselves.

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