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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Automatic - Wayside Drive

You know, you really do find the coolest stuff in the oddest places sometimes. A few months ago, a friend turned me on to Twitter. I set up an account, did a search, and requested to follow some random people - mostly music related because ... well ... because that's my pulse. Anyway, I'm still trying to get the hang of Twitter itself, but in the process I've met the online personas of some pretty interesting people. One of those people happen to be in this band, Wayside Drive, from Texas. So I checked out the band's pages and listened to their tunes and ... Wow! I know they're in the middle of changing their sound, and I like that - nothing is more boring than stagnancy and churning out the same album over and over again and I love that they recognize that when so many bands don't - but I really like this song a lot. It reminds me quite a bit of The Kinks in many ways. I think I've listened to it at least 4 times already just today.

Automatic by Wayside Drive from the 2006 album "The Red Room"

Wayside Drive website

Wayside Drive MySpace page

Wayside Drive on Twitter (that's how I found them)

Wayside Drive blog

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