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Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Marvelous Toy - Peter, Paul and Mary

We decided to take advantage of some "alone time" today and get some (hopefully) final shopping done for the holidays. Seeing all the other shoppers out there - especially in the toy aisles - firmly lodged this song in my head. This is another one that my dad taught me when I was young. I suppose you could say that these songs my dad passed down to me are my own "marvelous toys."

The Marvelous Toy was written in 1961 by Tom Paxton and recorded by many artists over the years including The Chad Mitchel Trio, John Denver and my personal favorite, Peter, Paul and Mary.

The Marvelous Toy by Peter, Paul and Mary from the 1969 album "Peter, Paul and Mommy"

Website for Peter, Paul and Mary

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