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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Cold Hailey Rainy Night - The Imagined Village

Winner of the 2008 BBC Radio 2 Folk Award for Best Traditional Song as well three (that's 3) 2008 Hancock Awards for Best Album, Best Original Song (Cold Haily Rainy Night) and Best Traditional Song (Tam Lyn Retold), The Imagined Village is a collaborative effort formed in 2004 as a way of exploring their musical roots. The project includes the talents of artists such as Billy Bragg, Sheila Chandra, Paul Weller, Eliza Carthy, Johnny Kalsi and many others.

Cold Hailey Rainy Night by The Imagined Village from the 2007 album "The Imagined Village"

Official website for The Imagined Village

MySpace page for The Imagined Village


Unknown said...

Hey, this sound familiar... and the drummer...
Sounds a lot like Afro Celt Sound System...

I like it!

Leisl said...

That's because it IS Johnny Kalsi. He's incredible. So glad you like. :-)