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Monday, December 22, 2008

Don't Eat the Yellow Snow - Frank Zappa

Yup, another blizzard has moved in. This calls for a snow song. But no ordinary snow song will do. Nooooo! This calls for Frank Zappa's "Don't Eat the Yellow Snow" (another staple from my childhood, much to my mother's dismay).

Born in 1940, Frank Zappa was a self-taught composer, musician, record producer and film director. He died in 1993 of prostate cancer, just 17 days before his 53rd birthday.

Don't Eat the Yellow Snow by Frank Zappa from the 1974 album "Apostrophe"

Official website for Frank Zappa (and the Zappa family)

Frank Zappa nndb bio (This is a pretty good one)

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