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Monday, October 25, 2010

Stick With Me - J.P. Whipple

J.P. Whipple is a local boy - well, local-ish to me - and while I've never met him nor have I seen him play (YET), he fits into my 6 degrees of separation. The man playing drums on this album, Jason Giron, is a friend and played drums for a production of The Rocky Horror Show I was involved with a few years ago. And just last week, the mandolin player in my current project, Tony Semerad, played with Filthy McWhiskey who plays a slew of strange and wonderful instruments on this album (and is seen playing banjo in this vid). Did you follow all that? Anyway, it's very cool music. I like it bunches!

Stick With Me by J.P. Whipple from the 2009 album "Bible Milk"

J.P. Whipple website

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