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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kings of Vibration - Diego's Umbrella

A new band! Well, to me, anyway. They've actually been around a few years. Giving credit where credit is due, Steve, the bass player for The Penny Black Remedy, turned me on to this band. So much fun, this one!

Based in San Francisco, California, and named for their friend's arm tattoo, Diego's Umbrella first came to be in 2000. Founded by Vaughn Lindstrom and Tyson Maulhardt, they debuted their first album in 2001. With the addition of Benjamin Leon, Kevin Blair, Jason Kleinberg and Jake Wood, Diego's Umbrella is now a 6-piece monster of flamenco infused gyspy rock.

Kings of Vibration by Diego's Umbrella from the 2009 album "Double Panther"

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