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Friday, February 13, 2009

Ordinary - Train

I first met Bart Hendrickson when we were in 9th grade together. He was friends with everybody, regardless of where they fit in the social structures that are so important to kids (and some adults). He was one of "the cool kids", but he never let that stand in his way of being friends with science nerds, drama/choir geeks, jocks ... even with the school's ultra religious zealots fell under his spell of friendship. Everybody loves Bart. He's magic that way.

I ran into him after my divorce. I was in that "all men suck" phase and he ended up on the listening end of one of my rants one night. Then he asked me what I wanted in a guy. I looked at him, thought for a minute, then gave him my list of unreasonable wants and expectations. He smiled and said, "I have this friend." It wasn't long after that he introduced me to a guy who had been his friend, roommate and bandmate in both Salt Lake City and Los Angeles. They were practically brothers. I was instantly smitten. Of course, he thought I was seeing somebody, I thought he was seeing somebody, so we spent a year and a half just looking at each other across the room whenever he'd come up to visit. Finally, on a Thanksgiving weekend, we hooked up. We were married that July. Bart was in our wedding party as one of my husband's groomsmen. He is godfather to our children. He is far from ordinary. He is an amazing man and I love him dearly.

And today is his birthday. Happy birthday, Bart!

Here is a really good article/interview by Jeff Laity of Tascam with Bart about how Ordinary came to be.

Ordinary written by Bart Hendrickson and Pat Monahan, recorded by Train from the soundtrack of the 2004 movie "Spider-Man 2"

Bart Hendrickson IMDb page

Train website

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