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"If you really think about it, everything in this world tries to be music." -- Eugene Hutz

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy Working Song - from Enchanted

When I was little girl, I was all about the fairy-tale princesses - those beautiful, kind-hearted, selfless heroines that have made Walt Disney gazillions over the decades. I'd often imagine myself in those roles as I was cleaning my bedroom or helping with the other household chores. I'd dance and sing and try to convince the birds outside my window to come in and help me. It didn't matter to me that they didn't - in my imagination they were. Yes, these days I still clean my house to music and sing along, sometimes even shaking my groove thing as I do. It really does make the menial more enjoyable. Or at least, less abhorrent. But I still can't convince the birds and squirrels to help.

Happy Working Song sung by Amy Adams from the 2007 Disney movie "Enchanted"

No, I am not a clean freak. I just don't especially like dirt and clutter.

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