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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kalifenzorn - Schelmish

My, what a big drum you have!

Yes, this is the mood I am in today. I absolutely love this. Nothing polite about these bagpipes. No, sirree. Makes me want to spit a wild boar over a bonfire and leave it to cook while I'm off pillaging a neighboring village.

Schelmish is from Bonn, Germany and was originally formed to perform mediaeval music for founding member DesDemonia's mother's birthday celebration in 1999. While the band still embraces it's roots in Celtic music, it leans more towards Mittelalter (Mediaeval Metal) Rock in style these days, blending mediaeval folk music with hard rock or heavy metal.

Kalifenzorn by Schelmish

Schelmish website

Schelmish MySpace page

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