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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Big Fish - Jesca Hoop

From growing up in Northern California in a strict Mormon family to homesteading in the Wyoming wilderness to working with a rehab center for kids in the Arizona mountains to being nanny for Tom Waits' and Kathleen Brennan's three children, American singer-songwriter Jesca Hoop is nothing short of eclectic. And it shows in her music which wraps itself around headiness of jazz, Celtic, gypsy, cabaret and sweetens things with just a taste of pop.

Her new album, "Hunting My Dress", is due out this fall.

Big Fish by Jesca Hoop from the 2004 EP "Silverscreen Demos" (no longer in print, but available for mp3 download on Amazon)

Jesca Hoop website

Jesca Hoop MySpace page

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