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Monday, July 6, 2009

Summer Wine - Ville Valo & Natalia Avelon

I've been on a bit of a H.I.M. thing lately. I love Ville Valo's voice. It's very rich - like dark, melted chocolate.

Summer Wine was written by Lee Hazelwood and originally recorded in 1966 by him and Suzi Jane Hokom. The song became famous a year later when he rerecorded it with Nancy Sinatra and released it as the B-side for the single "Sugar Town."

Summer Wine by Ville Valo and Natalia Avelon from the soundtrack of the 2007 German movie "Das Wilde Leben" (released in USA as "Eight Miles High") based on the life of German groupie/model/actress, Uschi Obermaier.

WARNING: There is nudity in this video. Do not watch if you are offended by nudity.

H.I.M. website

Natalia Avelon iMDB page

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AmandaStretch said...

I loved this song when you posted it, and it turns out I have a version by The Corrs on my iPod and I didn't even know! Hooray for great music!