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Friday, June 12, 2009

Last Dream I Remember - Wayside Drive

Here's a new song from one of my favorite new bands. I asked Jeremy Osborn, lead singer and guitarist for the band, if he'd like to share a bit about the creation of the song and video. He did! Here it is, in his own words:

"The 2 spoken word parts of the song are from an actual dream I had quite a few years ago. I don't usually write down my dreams but I did with this one. I was never a believer in "out of body" experiences before, but in the dream I was flying around having a grand time, checking out the sites, then in my dream I had the very distinctive thought "I need to get back into my body". Just like that. So I flew to my house, then into my bedroom, and saw my body lying there in the bed. So I laid down onto "myself" and I felt this upward-pulling sensation. Then I woke up! The spoken word parts are pretty much my exact dream.

"The first sung part of the song is a conversation with God about him being God and being much better at that job and me. I'm kind of a cart-before-the-horse kind of guy so sometimes I need to remind myself that I'm very limited in my view (and abilities).

"The second sung part is about inward reflection. Taking an honest look at myself and my limitations and coming to terms with it, and trying to do better, be better.

"The song itself is actually a few years old. I was messing around with some online collaborations with my good friend John Amelang and this was one of the songs we came up with. At the time it didn't have any singing, just the dream part. I sent John the drones with this crazy drum loop I came up with and the vocals and he recorded the bass and fuzz guitar parts.

"When we decided to do our 'reinvention' of Wayside I thought this song would be the best example or statement of intention regarding our new direction. It's probably the strangest of our new material, so that's exactly why we're sort of leading everything off with it. I cut the drum loops and Kevin recorded his drums parts, Natalie recorded the cello, and my friend Spinmeister from Canada recorded the synths.

"For the video I was thinking it would be good to do a very dream-like atmospheric type thing. Bits and pieces of "memories" that are more like dreams themselves instead of some silly dream sequence out of a movie. My dreams are typically random, and vivid, and amalgamated. So I found some family footage on the web from the 60's that was just perfect for the imagery that I was looking for. I messed around with different ways to layer different scenes on top of each other so that you can see multiple things going on at the same time. For the chorus parts I used a bunch of old Thomas Edison footage that really fit with the more silly/random aspect dreams can have.

"Ultimately for the video I wanted to have something that was a visual art piece that you could freeze just about any frame of it and it would look cool in and of itself."

Last Dream I Remember by Wayside Drive

Last Dream I Remember from Jeremy Osborn on Vimeo.

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