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Friday, August 3, 2012

Zora - Kultur Shock

Such a hauntingly beautiful and heart wrenching song.

Kultur Shock was founded in Seattle, Washington in 1996 by former Yugoslav Gino Srdjan Yevdjevich who had immigrated to the US (with the help of Joan Baez) following the Siege of Sarajevo.
A loose English translation of Zora:
The red sun is still not rising. 
The tree leaves are still not falling off in the mountains. 
The nightingales song still can't be heard 
Announcing the sunrise
The sound of axes can't be heard 
Nor the song of the shepherd 
Silence is all around 
All that lives is resting
Sometimes the dewy flowers bloom, 
Let spring adorn itself with them 
I won't pluck it anymore 
Because it's not for me
I won't pluck it anymore
I don't have anyone to give it to
The one I used to give it to
Is now covered by earth
Every blade of grass on the mountain ranges
Now feels my sorrow
Happiness is running away from me
Far away

Zora by Kultur Shock from the 2001 album "FUCC the I.N.S."

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