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Monday, March 1, 2010

Very Good Advice - Robert Smith

In full disclosure, I am a HUGE fan of Johnny Depp, Tim Burton, The Cure and Alice in Wonderland (and Alice Through the Looking Glass), so it should come as no surprise to anyone how absolutely giddy I am about this movie (opening in just a few days on March 5). In fact, adding in Helena Bonham Carter as The Red Queen (I used to pretend to be the Red Queen when I was little girl, running around commanding, "Off with their heads" to anybody who crossed my path) makes me even more than giddy. One might use the word, "delirious." Yay!

You can listen to the clips from the soundtrack HERE.

Very Good Advice
by Robert Smith from the soundtrack of the 2010 Disney movie "Alice in Wonderland"

Official website for Alice in Wonderland

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